I am a Teapot

May 4, 2011 at 1:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Stress…is so not fun.
So many things need to be done.  Well, they don’t need to be done, I guess. But to make my life smoother, I should do them. And to make my life smoother, I need to invoke some….change.
I’m very good at change. Adaptable is my middle name-not really, it’s Marie, but whatever-and while I’m good at change, I . Don’t. Like. It. I mean, I sometimes do, when it’s small, or makes me happy. When it’s just necessary, even if it makes my life less stressful in the end, I still don’t like change.
So, Gloria the Great Procrastinator comes into play. And all she does is cause more stress. Which, is what is happening. I’m at that point of being so stressed that I want to break into tears.
But here’s the thing-it’s not really that bad. I can actually see that. Everything can be solved if I JUST CALM DOWN.
Me, calm down? Pssh. Good luck on that one.


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